How to lose 80 pounds: Did it all start in the womb?

80 pic westThose wondering how to lose 80 pounds(lbs) should understand that being overweight is really not your fault, this is not an excuse it is the 100 percent truth from science. There are many factors which contribute to a person becoming clinically obese, those who suffer from depression or stressful situations (from childhood or adulthood) are more prone to becoming overweight. How to lose 80 pounds? In this post we will report on the stunning fact from science which shows food preferences start in the womb and we will show you what to do about it to lose the excessive weight.


A new study from Monell Chemical Senses Center, a research organization in Philadelphia revealed that our preferences for certain foods start in the womb and that our mothers play a huge role in what we eat as children and as adults.


What’s really interesting about children is, the preferences they form during the first years of life actually predict what they’ll eat later,” said Julie Mennella, a biopsychologist and researcher at the Monell Center.


Dietary patterns track from early to later childhood but once they are formed, once they get older, it’s really difficult to change — witness how hard it is to change the adult. You can, but it’s just harder. Where you start, is where you end up.


The key finding is that mothers who eat a diverse and varied diet while pregnant and breast-feeding are more open to a wide range of flavors. Over the past 40 years the FDA has fed the people highly processed chemicals filled foods which has created millions of overweight people. Processed food chemicals are included in almost all our foods today and they cause inflammation related obesity. . If you are overweight you have an inflammation problem.


How to lose 80 pounds: The obesity crisis today is caused by inflammation , inflammatory obesity is on the increase worldwide; it is crucial to understand that obesity is an inflammatory disease.


The processed and even the so-called healthy foods today are causing inflammation related weight gain, this is why diets fail over 80% of the time; most diets do nothing to address our modern day inflammation from our modern day processed foods. The average celebrity diet does nothing to address inflammation which is the true cause of people gaining and not losing weight.


The fastest rising illnesses in the world are all inflammation related. Diabetes is an inflammatory illness, as is Alzheimer’s disease and of course obesity; addressing inflammation is the fastest way to drop fat off the body”


Most diets do not reverse the damage from modern day processed food chemicals, it is not so simple as just “eating healthy”, millions do this and still do not remove excessive body fat; inflammation must be reversed! The only way to lose excessive body fat has been scientifically demonstrated by stopping inflammation. Every doctor knows that obesity is an inflammatory illness.


What worked


Reversing inflammation with a diabetic “style” diet causes the body to drop fat. A diabetic style diet reverses obesity in people with or without diabetes, this has been proven in over 17 countries.


A diabetic “styled” diet reverses inflammation; a diabetic styled diet causes the body to drop fat in people without or with diabetes. This is not a sugar free diet but a diet that heals the body by reversing inflammatory weight gain; this is the scientific solution to the food makers chemicals and they way to lose weight from science. This is what works if you really need to lose 20, 40, 60, 80 pounds or more.


Why would a diabetic “type” diet cause people without diabetes to suddenly lose body weight? A diabetic style diet reverses processed food chemical damage and inflammation.



See here How to lose 80 pounds with a diabetic styled diet works in 17 countries




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